McCulloch chainsaw how to avoid log split?

Hi Folks,

I run several times into a situation when I was cutting the log and it got split and very strong kickback came. Is it sth that happens to everyone? Does anyone know a good technique how to avoid those?


Hi Tom,

First you should judge if the is a risk that log will split. If yes, then start by cutting from below at about 1/3 of the way and only once finished move to cutting from above till both cuts meet. Naturally log or branch should be supported at each end.

McCulloch won’t start running


I have 3 year old McCulloch petrol chainsaw after the winter it won’t start. No sound at all… When I put it into the garage it was working fine, what has happened?


Hi Jack

This is a common issue when it comes to storing chainsaws for a long with without taking care of necessary maintenance before. In your position I would start from checking the basics such as fuel (dirty, old, replace, clean the tank etc) , once that done check if chainsaw works- if not go and check switches and ignition -spark plugs, make necessary adjustments . If that doesn’t resolve the problem, the issue may lie with the carburetor – which may require a visit to the service shop


McCulloch Eager Beaver starting issues

Hi All,

I bought used McCulloch chainsaw Eager Beaver model, it was shipped to me fast and the person I purchased it from told me that it works fine. It started fine, but it shout off after 15-20 min and I had to wait half an hour for it to start again. Is that normal? How to fix it?


Hi Dan,

There is definately sth wrong with the chainsaw if it stwiches off after 20 min of work. I would give it back to the user, but if you want to give it a try clean the carb, replace the fuel and oil. That should help. If not- give it back

McCulloch PM 610 won’t start

Hi All,

I have a PM610, and it was doing a great job for the last years. I really love this model. Last week it didn’t want to start. I figured out based on manual that it maybe the starter that has a problem with the recoil. I fixed that, but nothing improved- it pop twice and that’s it. Please help


Hi Matt,

i would advice checking for a missing or partially sheared flywheel key. That was the case with my old chainsaw, but I hearth that such problems link usually to carburation on the saws. Did you try pulling on rope with choke on and after it popped did you push choke back in and try it? That may be the best solution

Problems with McCulloch MAC935

Hi Folks,

I have problem with my McCulloch MAC935 and it is related to the fuel lines. I can see that only one connection to the carb from the fuel tank. There is a another piece coming from the tank it disappears down in gap between the engine and this one is not connected to anything. Can this cause my chainsaw to stop every now and then without me knowing a reason?


Hi Jeff,

There are many reasons why chainsaw would stop and only few of them are linked to the petrol- where the most common issue would be dirty,old or no petrol at all. I don’t think it has anything in common with connections (if the chainsaw is able to start and work normally), most probably if you would dismount your chainsaw you would see that connects are ok. How old is your chainsaw and history of problems? Have you replaced the bad fuel line and inspected the inside of the carb for restrictions, varnish? How old is your tune-up? Approx hrs used per season?

McCulloch Pro Mac 10-10 issue with stopping


I have very old Pro Mac 10-10, but it was always working fine and I really like this chainsaw. During the last summer it started sputtering and quit. It does start again if I try again to start in after several minutes, but the issue is annoying- especially if it stop during the half cut. I lubricated and sharpen the chain, but it didn’t help. Anyone experienced the same? How to solve it?


Hi Tom,

If I recall correctly your model is around 30 years old. Maybe it is a time for a new one? If you don’t want to purchase the new chainsaw you will need to troubleshoot this one systematically. I don’t think it is a chain problem. Sounds more like an ignition. Remove the muffler and have a look at the piston. Is it showing any scoring or galling? Are the rings free in the grooves? Check the filters and replace if necessary

Why is my McCulloch CS50 chainsaw not cutting properly?

Hi Guys,

I have a MCCulloch CS50 chainsaw and it was working perfectly for the last year, but lately I need to press really hard to get the good cut. I also realized that the cutting chips got much smaller than they were before. Any idea what is going on?


Hi Ben,

From what you have described it looks that your chain needs sharpening, and most probably also lubrication. I saw somewhere on this page direction how to sharpen the chain. Good luck


What oil should I used to lubricate McCulloch chainsaw?

Hi Folks,

My chainsaw starts to work harder and is noises than usual. I think it is because I didn’t lubricate it for a while. Can someone advice what oil should I use



Hi Bill,

You should lubricate your chainsaw with a good chain oil for both safety and comfort needs. McCulloch recommends universal vegetable biodegradable oil for outdoor chains- there is one McCulloch is producing. In instances when the universal outdoor accessories chain oil is not available, standard chain oil is recommended