Problems with McCulloch MAC935

Hi Folks,

I have problem with my McCulloch MAC935 and it is related to the fuel lines. I can see that only one connection to the carb from the fuel tank. There is a another piece coming from the tank it disappears down in gap between the engine and this one is not connected to anything. Can this cause my chainsaw to stop every now and then without me knowing a reason?


Hi Jeff,

There are many reasons why chainsaw would stop and only few of them are linked to the petrol- where the most common issue would be dirty,old or no petrol at all. I don’t think it has anything in common with connections (if the chainsaw is able to start and work normally), most probably if you would dismount your chainsaw you would see that connects are ok. How old is your chainsaw and history of problems? Have you replaced the bad fuel line and inspected the inside of the carb for restrictions, varnish? How old is your tune-up? Approx hrs used per season?