McCulloch Pro Mac 10-10 issue with stopping


I have very old Pro Mac 10-10, but it was always working fine and I really like this chainsaw. During the last summer it started sputtering and quit. It does start again if I try again to start in after several minutes, but the issue is annoying- especially if it stop during the half cut. I lubricated and sharpen the chain, but it didn’t help. Anyone experienced the same? How to solve it?


Hi Tom,

If I recall correctly your model is around 30 years old. Maybe it is a time for a new one? If you don’t want to purchase the new chainsaw you will need to troubleshoot this one systematically. I don’t think it is a chain problem. Sounds more like an ignition. Remove the muffler and have a look at the piston. Is it showing any scoring or galling? Are the rings free in the grooves? Check the filters and replace if necessary