McCulloch Chainsaw Guide

Thank you for visiting McCulloch Chainsaw Guide. We have created this site for those users who are interested in finding information about McCulloch chainsaw operation, current models or need to purchase parts. If you experience troubles with your McCulloch equipment the troubleshooting section will be a great source of solutions.

The McCulloch company produces chainsaws for over 60 years and first chainsaw model was a two-man model called 5-49. After World War II McCulloch created one of the first one-man chain saw called 3-25. Company extended its profile with kart and airplane engine manufacture. In next decade McCulloch chainsaw got lighter and company started to produce not only fuel but also electric chainsaws. Afterwards company added trimmers and leaf blowers into its profile. On the begining of the new century McCulloch brand was acquired by Husqvarna AB. Nowadays McCulloch manufacturers a full line of garden eqipment: sturdy trimmers, hedge trimmers, powerful chain saws, garden tractors, lawnmowers.

Selecting McCulloch Chainsaw

Whenever you think of purchasing McCulloch chainsaw you should start from considering whether you want use electric or petrol based chainsaws. Petrol chainsaws are more efficient and in most cases can be used for commercial purposes. Depending on usage purpose and power supply you may want to choose from the following models:

  • Inline 1650 or CSE1835 for personal use (cutting done mostly around your household, small commercial use at most) with power rating of 1650- 1800 W, chain speed from 13.5 m/s / 44.29 fts to 15 m/s / 49.21 fts and sound power level of 106-110 dB(A)
  • CS50S for commercial use with an engine power output of 2.1 kW, Brisk PR17YC spark plug and maximumk power speed of 9000 rpm, soft handles and combined control options
  • CS330 and CS600T super light (below 6 kg) personal and small commercial usage chainsaws with an engine power output of 1.3 kW soft handles, Champion RCJ7Y spark plug and maximum power speed of 9000 rpm

Common issues

When troubleshooting start by checking the basics such as fuel, switches and spark plugs and making adjustments. It can be as simple a solution as that. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, the issue may lie with the carburetor – which may require a visit to the repair shop.

Most common issues with McCulloch as same as with other brands chainsaws are:

  • chainsaw not starting that can be solved by checking if the chainsaw is plugged correctly or if there is enough fuel, fuel is not old in the tank. The fuel tank needs to be at last half full wit a fresh fuel at the first start. This fault occurs often after long term storing and not doing the proper maintenance before equipment storing
  • other issues causing starting problems are damaged or blocked fuel filters that need to be exchanged and diaphragm that is sticky from oil gas that will also need to be replaced
  • dull chain that needs sharpening
  • not properly tensioned chain that needs good tensioning

If you tried to troubleshoot your chainsaw without any success you will need to visit the service shop.


McCulloch produces light in weight, comfortable in use long lasting chainsaws for commercial and personal use for almost 70 years. It is very common that 30 years old McCulloch chainsaws are still in use if they have been maintained correctly. Replacement parts can be purchased at the service shops.  Standard 2-year warranty is offered for all models.  If you have a question about Jonsered chainsaw, don’t hesitate to contact us.